Album Review: Susumu Yokota


Susumu Yokota -‘Mother’ (Lo Recordings)

Sigh. For some reason, I’ve never really got into the music of the Japanese composer Susumu Yokota. I feel bad, because it generally seems to one of the unwritten rules that we should like his music.

And I don’t quite know what the problem is. Because I do like a lot of electronica, I’m more and more into a lot of ‘chillout’ (thanks to the musical education I have received from Mrs. 17 Seconds)…yet somehow, whilst I nod my head and say ‘it’s all very good’ this just leaves me unmoved.

Much of what he has produced could be described as being ambient, this album features a lot of vocals from a host of names that seem to be much respected – Caroline Ross, Nancy Elizabeth, Kaori, Efterklang’s Casper Clausen, Our Broken garden’s Anna Bronsted and Claire Hope and Panos Ghikas from the Chap…and I’m still not getting it.


Hear the album at Rhapsody. Am I right? Am I wrong? or am I just dreaming….

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