Will 2009 be the year of Future Of The Left?


…I sure as heck hope so.

Future Of the Left are Andy “Falco” Falkous (singer and guitarist) and Jack Egglestone (drummer), both formerly of mclusky*, and Kelson Mathias (singer and bassist), formerly of Jarcrew. The band released their debut album Curses in 2007, and their latest single ‘The Hope That House Built’ is out on Monday. This is the first taster for their as yet untitled second album.

I loved Curses and thought the band were fantastic when I saw them play the Captain’s Rest in Glasgow last year. But on the evidence of this single -and this really cool video- it would surely be an injustice if this didn’t become a massive hit. Life, as people are fond of saying, doesn’t come with a guarantee of fairness, but I like to believe that if people heard this track, they’d support it.

So damn it, I’m doing my bit for the cause.

All together now -‘Come join our lost cause!’

Future Of The Left -‘The Hope That House Built.’

‘The Hope That House Built’ is released on 4AD on Monday.

*really, a lower case m.

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