First mp3 from Sonic Youth hits the blogosphere!

Excellent, excellent, excellent. I have been waiting for something along these lines for ages, and finally, on the last day of my holidays, it appears.

Sonic Youth’s new album The Eternal will be released on June 8 (June 9 in North America). It’s one of the most hotly anticipated releases of the year, not just here at 17 Seconds, but across the blogosphere in general.

Matador, their new label, have just released this very day the first track from the album. It’s the opening track on the album, and it’s brilliant. ‘Sonic Trickster’ is prime Sonic Youth and I’m very excited to hear it. It has been described as “a 2:10 out-of-the gate hardcore matinee track with Kim singing salutes to French painter Yves Klein and Western Massachusetts noise artist Noise Nomads.” I can’t wait for The Eternal.


Sonic Youth -‘Sonic Trickster.’ mp3

For more on Sonic Youth check their official website, their myspace, and their site as part of Matador Records.

In case you’re interested -and why the hell would you not be! -this is the tracklisting for the album:

1. Sacred Trickster
2. Anti-Orgasm
3. Leaky Lifeboat (for Gregory Corso)
4. Antenna
5. What We Know
6. Calming The Snake
7. Poison Arrow
8. Malibu Gas Station
9. Thunderclap For Bobby Pyn
10. No Way
11. Walkin Blue
12. Massage The History

The album art was done by none other than John Fahey, btw…

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