The Breeders – Kim Deal is still as cool as…


…Kim Deal.

And, like Susan Boyle, she sticks to her guns. This is the woman who credited herself as Mrs. John Murphy on the sleeve of Surfer Rosa, who used to dress as a secretary in sensible shoes at early Pixies gigs because it annoyed the punks, and who every so often gets The Breeders out for us.

Thier New EP, ‘Fate To Fatal’ is a four track release. there are limited versions around on vinyl to tie in with record Store day, but even my local indie store in Edinburgh couldn’t track it down. Whilst most of their stuff has come out on 4AD, this appears to be self-released, and they even appear to have changed their logo.

The Breeders -‘Fate To Fatal.’ mp3

and here’s the video…

The breeders -‘fate to fatal’

The Breeders website/The Breeders Myspace

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