Presenting…The Mighty Roars

As always, getting an awful lot of stuff in my inbox and cannot even manage to listen to half of it.

Sometimes, though, something catches my attention.

As in the case of The Mighty Roars.


The Mighty Roars are a female fronted post-punk-pop three-piece from UK and Europe who will release the first single “Elvis Lives (and he drinks sake)” from their second album on One Little Indian records on June 1st. David (guitar) and Lara (bass) of the band met in Berlin in the summer of 2006 where David was working as a truck driver. Returning to London they met Martin (guitar) who had recently survived a near fatal house fire. (It says here).

This is a gem of a pop song, that, on a day when I’ve read about yet another Britpop compilation coming out, reminds me of Echobelly, Kenickie and Elastica at their very best. Subtle brass, is it pop, is it twee, is it indie…who cares! it’s a great song that makes you want to know more. and surely, that’s what matters.

The Mighty Roars -‘Elvis Lives (And he Drinks Sake).’ mp3

And the video is brilliant. This is worth two and a half minutes of your life! directed by Lara…

The Mighty Roars -‘Elvis Lives (And he Drinks Sake).’

…and this is an earlier single, ‘Sellotape.’

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