The return of Ash


Whilst I’ve habitually bought most of their albums since they came out, since, well, their debut LP proper, 1996’s 1977, and loved most of them, Ash have always been an excellent example of a singles band. Back in 2007, I was slightly panicked when it seemed that Ash were about to call it a day. It transpired, in my muddled state, that what the band were in fact doing was stopping doing conventional albums.

From September onwards, in a new approach to record releases, Ash will set out to deliver the ultimate singles collection – a year long series of fortnightly single releases, with limited edition collectors vinyl.

For the past year they have been in their New York HQ, Atomic Heart Studios, writing and recording a series of songs that will form the “A-Z series”. From September, every fortnight for the next twelve months, Ash will release a single on limited 7” vinyl and digital download. Starting with ‘A’ and running through the alphabet, all 26 songs will be released on Ash’s own Atomic Heart Records and will be available through shops and by subscription through the band’s website To start this off, they have made availbale as a free download from their website their new single ‘Return Of White Rabbit’ which will be available in a very limited edition 7″ on June 8.

So, will this beat the records previously held by Elvis Presley and the Wedding Present for most hits in a year? Will these be viewed as a marketing gimmick or the next logical step for the iTunes generation? Well, I still love Ash, and I’m rather fond of this track with its’ electro feel. Bring it on…

Ash -‘Return Of White Rabbit.’ mp3

Ash’s website/Ash’s myspace

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