Why reinvent the wheel?


It would be rare that I would spend time on 17 Seconds to write about music that I’m not sure about (scathing reviews for recent albums by Chris Cornell and the Boy Least Likely To aside).

Howver, I was quite pleased to get an mp3 of a re-recording of ‘Glass’ by Gang Of Four, which originally appeared on their seminal (and i don’t use that word lightly) LP Entertainment! A debut so strong that there are very few which beat it, although possibly You Can’t Hide Your Love Forever or Blue Lines might just do it. Then I listened to it.

Somehow, this version just leaves me cold. If they had never recorded an original version I would think it was okay, yet somehow…where’s the sparkle? No, they’re not going through the motions whilst worrying about depleted pensions, but this is so lukewarm.

Gang Of Four -‘Glass (2009).’ mp3

Thoughts, please?

(and if you haven’t heard the original, go here)

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