Does there have to be a reason?


I’ve enjoyed the stuff I have heard by Death Cab For Cutie, yet the best thing I have ever heard by Ben Gibberd remains this track of indie-electronica.

It’s a song that reminds me of travelling…It reminds of of being in the US in 2004, having finally made it there at the age of 27, and takes me back to a sunny Manhattan in May. And trying to convince two German friends of the parent album – Give Up that it really was great and should stay in the car stereo beyond track 4. It didn’t. Never mind. The album soundtracked the long train journey to Oban and back later that year for my first ever Stag night (cheers, Rob!)

And the cover by Iron & Wine, as heard on the garden State soundtrack was good too, even if I nearly got annoyed wth two American kids talking about it as a cover that Postal Service had done on a tube late one night in London in 2005.

The Postal Service -‘Such Great Heights.’ mp3

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