Presenting…Jesus H. Foxx


Damn that Toad, how does he do it?!

That Toad, being Matthew Young, who writes the excellent Song, By Toad blog and runs the Song, By Toad record label. His latest release is the very fine Matter EP, an excellent six track release. Trynig to describe them is like falling flat on your face; it gets in the way of you enjoying about what you were trying to do before. Though the folks who have said The Modern Lovers and Talking Heads are probably right in a way…yet somehow this doesn’t really get to grips with what it is. I think i hear bits of the Go-Betweens.There’s brass…they’re definitely scottish…and once again, Matthew is absolutely on the money. Damn him!!! A totally original sounding band. You will want to take them to your hearts.

According to their myspace the band members are Mew, The Wind, Peanut, Madge, Ninsh, Machine, Brash. Hmm.

Anyway, you need to hear this band.

You should start here:

Jesus H. Foxx -‘I’m Half The man You Were.’ mp3

Forthcoming live dates from their myspace:

9 Oct 2009 This Is Jim @ Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh w/ Boycotts
23 Oct 2009 Oxjam at The Bowery, Edinburgh w/ Meursault, Y’all is Fantasy Island & Occasional Flickers
26 Nov 2009 Electric Circus, Edinburgh w/ Good Shoes & Copy Haho
29 Nov 2009 King Tuts, Glasgow w/ We Were Promised Jetpacks

Jesus H.Foxx Myspace

To buy the EP, go here

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