33 1/3 – a new series startng on 17 Seconds

OK…the idea is outrageously simple, and nicked off JC over at the Vinyl Villain.

As JC approached 45, he did the countdown to his birthday doing 45 7″s (or 45s as the Americans call them). As I approach my 33rd birthday on November 15 (sarcy comments not needed) I am going to do 33 LPs that have shaped me. It would have helped if one of the cats hadn’t jumped on the USB turntable last night, but these things happen.

This will start tomorrow -so why not a bit of a mini-album (seeing as it’s technically 33 1/3 rpm!)

Sons and Daughters -‘Love The Cup (Domino, 2004)

During the weekend just gone, I was privileged to be at Gargleblast Studios in Hamilton. 17 Seconds’ act Escape Act were over recording material for their second album which will hopefully be released by us in 2010. The studio is owned by Andy Miller, who produced Mogwai’s Young Team amongst others (and it was the original Chem 19). When he told me that the first Sons & Daughters record, Love The Cup was recorded there I commented : ‘I love that record. It’s perfection. It’s the best thing they’ve ever done.’

Mr. Miller chuckled. ‘Yeah, I think they’re kinda fed up of people saying that!’

But I stand by that comment. Over the course of just seven songs, Sons & Daughters unleash a stream of brilliance over the course of twenty five minutes. It’s an infectious, fiery mix of country and indie and just as incendiary live on stage as on record. I first saw Sons & Daughters live on a bill in York in 2003; headlined by Franz Ferdinand and also featuring Dogs Die In Hot Cars. I’ve seen them several times since, quite often on bills with other acts. It’s appropriate that one of the songs was entitled ‘Johnny Cash’ – the godfather of country casts his spell over the album. The interplay between vocalists Adele Bethel and Scott Paterson is mesmerising – you can feel almost voyeuristic just listening. And this album is addictive; like a vampire lover (though less harmful), once bitten, forever smitten.

And they have their own part to play in much of my own life over the last five years. The day this album was released in August 2004, they played an instore at Fopp, Edinburgh. I was DJing, for the first time in eight years. Scott in particular was very pleasant (especially after I leaned him my guitar strap!), and remembered me when I met him backstage a few months later at the Liquid Rooms in Edinburgh (the band were supporting the Fire Engines, and opening act were Aberfeldy). The DJing led to me starting to do my own occasional night in Edinburgh, originally called Fuck Art, Let’s Dance – and finally – 17 Seconds. Which led to the blog, and the record label…

Sons and Daughters -‘Johnny Cash.’ mp3

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