Where can we buy the X-Lion Tamer EP?


A few emails about where to acquire 17SEC6A from…

You can buy it in person or mail order from Rough Trade in London.

They have this to say about it :”x-lion tamer gives his electronic pop a weird, wonky and rather wonderful twist on each of the four nuggets on this ep. the picks are ‘neon hearts’ which sounds like a glorious mix of schneider tm and the silicon teens and the cover of galaxie 500’s ‘tugboat’ which turns the delicate original into a minimal electro pop number.”

It’s also available at Avalanche in Edinburgh – see here -and is also in stock at Fopp in Edinburgh on Rose St. As Fopp is now part of HMV try this link.

This was featured on Vic Galloway’s most recent podcast 9click on the link to download it!); as well as being played on Vic’s BBC Radio Scotland show last Monday and Friday and on Wednesday night’s late night radio 1 show. Cheers for your support Vic!

X-Lion Tamer’s myspace

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