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I’ve been kinda busy working my through the 33 1/3 series of late, so it feels like it’s been ages since i wrote about any new artists.

Anyway, this one comes courtesy of me opening the RCDC LBL email today. I’ve been aware of the name Neon Indian for a little while – rather like Girls, one of those acts that a lot of blogs seem to be covering and getting advertisements for on eMusic and I keep thinking: must get round to investigating…

Well, I’m glad I did. Because this is something special and different that seems to be both retro and yet looking to the future, and the amount of blog loving that the album Psychic Chasms seems to be getting is nothing less than what it deserves frankly. Neon Indian is the project of composer Alan Palomo who hails from Austin, Texas and put together some field recordings and made something special. It’s eighties…yet it’s not…just hear it and listen for yourself, the mix of dreampop (and here I don’t mean shoegazing type stuff, I MEAN pop that sounds dreamy), guitars, weirdness that’s oddly addictive…And the guy’s only twenty-one! Age really ain’t nothing but a number when it comes to art it seems.

This music also seems to be filled under hynagogic pop, chillwave, glo-fi…see also the Emeralds and this article here. The sound of 2010? We shall see…
There’s no Indian summer here in Scotland today, but when these tracks come on, I think I see some hope and light in amongst the oncoming winter of discontent and despair. And we all need a little of that…

Anyway, I’m off to get the album at eMusic. You coming?

Neon Indian -‘Deadbeat Summer.’ mp3

Neon Indian -‘Terminally Chill.’ mp3

Neon Indian myspace

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