33 1/3 Part 18


Echo and the Bunnymen -‘Ocean Rain.’ (Korova, 1984)

For some of the records on here, I could have written pages and pages about how these albums make me feel.

This seems to be the exception…because the music seems to speak for itself. It’s goth, Jim, but not as you know it. Strings that could grace a classical recording, beautifully scored.

Weird, wonderful non-sensical lyrics…and yet evocative lyrics.

One of England’s greatest ever bands reaching their peak.

An album I picked up cheaply on vinyl on holiday in Holland in 1994…that became my second favourite album of the eighties after Disintegration…Ian McCulloch AKA Mac the Mouth giving in fully to the temptation to ape Scott Walker and doing it wonderfully..the line about ‘screaming from beneath the waves’ on the title track…the fact that all nine tracks are amazing…’The Killing Moon’…’Nocturnal me’…’Seven Seas’…that cover…the greatest title track ever…

Lay down thy raincoat and groove.

Echo and the Bunnymen -‘Ocean Rain.’ mp3

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