Congratulations to X-Lion Tamer!


Tony Lion Tamer became the first one of our acts to do a radio session since signing to the label (though Escape Act did one before they signed to us), with Vic Galloway for radio 1 in Scotland last night.

Click here to be able to listen to Tony in session doing three of his own songs -and his excellent cover of ‘Starsign’ by Teengage Fanclub, which always goes down a storm at gigs. As he says himself, it’s done in a handbag house style. Vic Galloway has been very supportive of 17 Seconds Records, also playing Chris Bradley last week and being one of the first DJs to play our stuff -ever- when he played ‘Claire’ by Aberfeldy when we first started. (Would be great to have mp3s of this if anyone happened to get them).

UPDATE: I know it took ages for this to get updated but it is working – and Vic and Tony are very nice about the label. It’s an excellent show anyway, and this show alone features music from the likes of Mitchell Museum, ardentjohn, Stanley Odd, Woodenbox With A Fistful Of Fivers, Galleries and Withered hand, all of whom I have chamopioned on this blog.

It’s a busy month for the label with gigs in Scotland, England and Ireland (see the myspace page for more details), the release next week of our first two albums by the Wildhouse, and Chris Bradley’s next single ‘Waltzing’ the week after.

Become a fan of the label on facebook, on myspace, and say hello if you’re on Last FM. (We haven’t bothered with Twitter or Bebo).

We are still waiting for our music to be on Spotify, though we signed the contract flippin’ ages ago.

Free 17 Seconds records mp3s here, by the likes of X-Lion Tamer, Dirty Cuts, Factory Kids, Chris Bradley and the Wildhouse.

…and this is the video for the forthcoming Chris Bradley single ‘Waltzing.’

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