Factory Kids, Chris Bradley, Dirty Cuts…another 17 Seconds Records update


It’s been a fantastically busy month around these parts. Following on from The Dirty Cuts’ ‘2 Page Spread’ single, the Factory Kids EP, The Wildhouse’s first two albums being re-issued…well, what more to report?


Tim and Christina, AKA the Factory Kids will issue their second EP, through us on April 5. The follow-up to EP1, which is also known as the You Used To Call Me Baby EP, will be One EP. Hey, Peter Gabriel made four different albums, all called Peter Gabriel, so what’s your point?

The EP will feature five tracks:
‘I Won’t Tell You Again.’
‘New York Subway Song.’
‘Holiday Crease.’

…and the band have graciously allowed us to give ‘Holiday Crease’ away as a free mp3.

Factory Kids -‘Holiday Crease.’ mp3

The Dirty Cuts’ ‘2 Page Spread’ has now been available for a month and getting some very nice comments. It was played last week by Vic Galloway on his Radio Scotland show, and it’s now available on 7″ from quite a few places: Avalanche in Glasgow and Edinburgh, Rub-a-Dub in Glasgow, Mono in Glasgow, Rough Trade Shops in London, and Underground Solush’n in Edinburgh. There are more to follow. It’s quite cool, though, if you walk up Cockburn St. in Edinburgh you have Underground Solush’n at the bottom and Avalanche near the top and they both have the single in the window. Awesome…

If you still haven’t heard the band, shame on you, you may download the b-side for free.

The Dirty Cuts -‘Lips.’ mp3

Chris Bradley’s single ‘Waltzing’ is out today on download, here is the video:

Finally, there are lots of live dates happening, please check the myspace. We also have two nights at Tigerfest in Edinburgh, which promises to be awesome, and yours truly is helping to run it. More details to follow…

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