17 Seconds Records update


It’s getting busy here at 17 Seconds Records.

Next Thursday will see the launch of the debut single from The Last Battle ‘Ruins’, which takes place at the Wee Red Bar at Edinburgh College of Art, and features not only the band performing, but a solo set by Neil Pennycook of Meursault (who will be fresh back from Glastonbury), Jonnie Common and yours truly on the decks. Tickets are £5 (£3 concessions), and it lasts from 7-10. Which means you can still go home and get a decent night’s kip before work in the morning.
There’s a lovely write up over here at suitcase Orchestra. You can hear ‘Ruins’ on the most recent Song, By Toad podcast and also on Jim Gellatly’s latest podcast. Vic Galloway promised live on air that he would play it this coming Monday. You can bet I will be nudging him to do this…

Meanwhile, you can download the b-side to ‘Ruins’ for free NOW. Because we’re lovely people.

Last Battle -‘Ward 119.’ mp3

(NB due to the subject matter of the song, this does contain swearing. If you are easily offended, and God knows why you’re reading this blog, you idiot, DON’T LISTEN. Go and read Grazia or the Daily Mail instead. Fuckwit)

If you’re off to Kelburn Garden Party next weekend, not only will you be able to see excellent artists supported by this blog such as Broken Records, Panda Su, Meursault, Foxgang and Stanley Odd, but you will also be able to see our very own Chris Bradley who was added in the last month. Go Chris!

Chris Bradley -‘Golden Girl.’ mp3

If you aren’t going to Kelburn, you could catch the Dirty Cuts at the 13th note in Glasgow on Saturday July 3, ahead of their single launch for ‘Yummy Mummy’ on July 23, with a gig in Bristol and two in London coming up.

Dirty Cuts -‘Lips.’ mp3

X-Lion Tamer will be releassing another four track EP with us in the next few months, and will be playing at Sneaky Pete’s in Edinburgh, alongside the fabulous Deserters Deserve Death on July 31.

X-Lion Tamer -‘Life Support Machine.’ mp3

There will be more to come…watch this space!

17 Seconds Records update


Busy times at 17 Seconds Records, with plenty of live dates and releases coming your way very soon.


Chris Bradley released his second solo album At The Outpost in March, becoming the first full album release on 17 Seconds Records. Chris is playing at the Leith Festival tomorrow (June 13), as well as at the Outsider festival on June 19, Jock Stock on June 26 and the Wickerman Festival on July 24, having already appeared appeared at Knockengorroch.

The Last Battle will release their debut single ‘Ruins’ on July 5 on download and CD-R. They will be having a launch night at the Wee Red Bar in Edinburgh (at the Art College) with support from Neil Pennycook of Meursault who will be doing a solo set and Neil Common. Oh, and me DJing. The album Heart Of the Land, Soul Of the Sea will be released at the end of September, the album launch will take place at Edinburgh’s Roxy Art House on September 18, as well as playing the Woodworks festival in England. It’s all jolly exciting!!

This is the artwork for the single. It’s great (and I can say that, ‘cos I had nowt to do with it)!


The Last Battle -‘Black Waterfall.’ mp3

The last call!


OK folks, tis the last reminder I will post, but Tigerfest is underway, and tonight and Thursday are the 17 Seconds Records nights in Edinburgh.

£6 a throw, and with X-Lion Tamer, The Wildhouse and White Heath (not ours, but fabulous anyway!) tonight and Chris Bradley, the Dirty Cuts and the Last battle on Thursday…what more could you ask for?

X-Lion Tamer -‘Life Support Machine.’ mp3

The Wildhouse -‘Ficca.’ mp3

Dirty Cuts -‘Lips.’ mp3

Chris Bradley -‘Hide & Seek.’ mp3

The Last Battle -‘Nature’s Glorious Rage.’ mp3

Forthcoming from Dirty Cuts


The Dirty Cuts will return with their second single ‘Yummy Mummy’ in July.

If the lyrics of previous single ‘2 Page Spread’ might have seemed slightly risque to those of sensitive bent (‘I want teen sex/I want mean sex/I want magazine glitz, I want super tits) then this is even more so, with its’ tale of the salacious Upper class lady who seduces a young man with her ‘upper class confidence/filthy carnal dominance’ in her 4X4. all together now: ‘She’s classy, she’s sassy/like Jackie Onassis.’

Having been burning the midnight oil last night in Glasgow with Billy and Matt from the band, they have graciously said that I can give this remix of ‘Yummy Mummy’ away for free. Having recorded their demos with Chris ‘Beans’ Geddes from Belle and Sebastian, they continue to work with the cream of the Glasgow indie scene, as this remix is courtesy of the 1990s’ Dino Bardot.

The single (17SEC19) is scheduled for release on July 26. It will be a double A-side with ‘Tricks.’

The Dirty Cuts -‘Yummy Mummy (Dino Bardot remix).’ mp3

The Dirty Cuts play Tigerfest with labelmates Chris Bradley and the Last Battle on May 13.

17 Seconds Records’ update


Lots happening over the next couple of months with the label…

Over the next week alone, we have Chris Bradley doing a live session for Leith FM on Friday at 3PM (as it happens just three days after labelmates The Last Battle played!) and Chris will also be doing an instore at Avalanche Glasgow on April 7 at 5PM. Chris’ album At the Outpost came out on Monday and has some great praise, and is available online and at good indie shops, including Rough Trade, Avalanche, Coda, Underground Solush’n and now Fopp too! If you like things digital, try iTunes or eMusic. Please leave feedback!

The Dirty Cuts are back in the studio and over the next wee while they will be playing in Glasgow, London and Edinburgh – check their myspace for details. Their follow-up to debut single ‘2 Page Spread’ should be out very soon. As ever watch this space and hassle yr local station/indie club/blogger about them.

The next release from the label will be the ‘One EP’ by the Factory Kids. This will be available as a five-track download EP from all good download stores from April 12, and this is 17SEC18, our fourteenth musical release as a label. In the name of promotion and friendship (umm, or something) we’d like to offer ‘Factory Crease’ as a free download:

Factory Kids -‘Holiday Crease.’ mp3

Aberfeldy, Escape Act and The Wildhouse have all been getting studio tans (!), and both The Last Battle and David Scott albums should be out over the next few months. There will also be more stuff to come from X-Lion Tamer very soon…

If you read the post below you will see that we’re very involved with Tigerfest this year, with X-Lion Tamer, Chris Bradley, The Dirty Cuts, the Wildhouse and The Last Battle making appearances.

And before the month is out, a very special night at Limbo in Edinburgh. See the poster at the top!


The Dirty Cuts’ cover Blondie.

It’s been pleasing to see how many shops have got the Dirty cuts’ single in now, so if you haven’t seen them live yet…check out this cover of ‘Atomic’ by Blondie.

Recorded on an mobile, it nevertheless captures the sheer energy of their shows. It also manages not to capture me dancing like a maniac…thank you however recorded this at the January gig…

Factory Kids, Chris Bradley, Dirty Cuts…another 17 Seconds Records update


It’s been a fantastically busy month around these parts. Following on from The Dirty Cuts’ ‘2 Page Spread’ single, the Factory Kids EP, The Wildhouse’s first two albums being re-issued…well, what more to report?


Tim and Christina, AKA the Factory Kids will issue their second EP, through us on April 5. The follow-up to EP1, which is also known as the You Used To Call Me Baby EP, will be One EP. Hey, Peter Gabriel made four different albums, all called Peter Gabriel, so what’s your point?

The EP will feature five tracks:
‘I Won’t Tell You Again.’
‘New York Subway Song.’
‘Holiday Crease.’

…and the band have graciously allowed us to give ‘Holiday Crease’ away as a free mp3.

Factory Kids -‘Holiday Crease.’ mp3

The Dirty Cuts’ ‘2 Page Spread’ has now been available for a month and getting some very nice comments. It was played last week by Vic Galloway on his Radio Scotland show, and it’s now available on 7″ from quite a few places: Avalanche in Glasgow and Edinburgh, Rub-a-Dub in Glasgow, Mono in Glasgow, Rough Trade Shops in London, and Underground Solush’n in Edinburgh. There are more to follow. It’s quite cool, though, if you walk up Cockburn St. in Edinburgh you have Underground Solush’n at the bottom and Avalanche near the top and they both have the single in the window. Awesome…

If you still haven’t heard the band, shame on you, you may download the b-side for free.

The Dirty Cuts -‘Lips.’ mp3

Chris Bradley’s single ‘Waltzing’ is out today on download, here is the video:

Finally, there are lots of live dates happening, please check the myspace. We also have two nights at Tigerfest in Edinburgh, which promises to be awesome, and yours truly is helping to run it. More details to follow…

17 Seconds Records update


All busy here at 17 Seconds Records. Today sees the release of the first release of the new decade for us ‘2 Page Spread’ by The Dirty Cuts. it’s out now on download and should be available on 7″ shortly. More news when we have it. Try the usual suspects for the download. This is actually our eighth release as a record company. There is a facebook group set up here, too.

Over the next wee while…

Next week sees the release of the Factory Kids’ EP1 on February 1, while February 15 sees the re-release of the Wildhouse’s first two albums digitally; Hyenas and Poet:Saint.

It then gets totally Chris Bradley-tastic with the release of ‘Waltzing’ on February 22 on download and the long-awaited To The Outpost album on download and CD on March 29. We’ve had some nice reviews coming in so far, so long may that continue.

Not only that, but 17 Seconds Records and the artists involved are also going to be bringing their wares to places across Scotland and Ireland. See the myspace for details. What we are particularly excited about is two 17 Seconds Records nights coming up over the next two months:

February 28 will see 17 Seconds Records at Mono (Glasgow’s cool record shop, run by none other than Stephen McRobbie of The Pastels!) with The Dirty Cuts, X-Lion Tamer and The Wildhouse. Not only that but the Factory Kids will be DJing. This night is being put on by Silence Can Break your Heart. UPDATE: This night has been postponed due to factors beyond both our and Silence can Break your Heart’s Control. Apologies. We are trying to reschedule it and will let you know asap.

April 17 sees a 17 Seconds Night in conjunction with Limbo in Edinburgh at the Voodoo Rooms, with X-Lion Tamer and Chris Bradley.

Not only that but may will see the return of Tigerfest. Yours truly is involved helping Neil and Stuart ruun it this year, and local music makers and promoters are being approached as we speak. No names confirmed as yet – but 17 Seconds are likely to have two nights!! It will run in the capital from May 7-May 15.

There’s a great feature on X-Lion Tamer here and a wonderful piece on both us and Song, By Toad Records here.

And let’s just say that Aberfeldy and Escape Act are up to fabulous things.

Phew, rock’n’ roll…

Dirty Cuts -‘Lips.’ mp3

Factory Kids -‘They Used To Call Me Baby.’ mp3

The Wildhouse -‘Hope Is How You Control me.’ mp3

17 Seconds Records in 2010


As promised…it looks set to be a bumper year for 17 Seconds Records.

There are quite a few 17 Seconds Records-related gigs taking place in Scotland and Ireland over the next few months, see our myspace page for more details. In January alone, the Dirty Cuts and the Wildhouse are playing live on the same bill with each other back to back in Glasgow and Dundee, X-Lion Tamer is playing in Edinburgh (a free gig, no less), Aberfeldy will be playing in Dundee, and Escape Act are tearing up five counties in Ireland.

The Dirty Cuts will release their first single ‘2 Page Spread’ on download on January 25, with the 7″ to follow, and they have gracioulsy allowed us to make the b-side available as a free download:

The Dirty Cuts -‘Lips.’ mp3

The following week, as announced, the Factory Kids will release EP1, with EP2 to follow later on in the year. All being well, February will see the re-issue, digitally of the first two Wildhouse LPs, Hyenas and Poet:Saint. Their third album, Jackson ’56 will be released later this year.

March will see the release of Chris Bradley‘s sophomore album At the Outpost, likely to be preceeded by another single (watch this space, as they say). We are also going to re-issue his debut, Voices, in remastered form, later on this year.

As for the first three acts we signed, let them not be forgotten either: Escape Act have finished recording sessions with the famed producer Andy Miller (Sons & Daughters, Mogwai and Delgados, amongst others) and are mastering their sophomore album, Aberfeldy have just two more songs to record for thier third album and X-Lion Tamer is also working hard in the studio. he has been tipped as one of Vic Galloway’s Scottish artists to watch in 2010!

Phew, rock’roll…

We should also be on Spotify any day now, we have a Last FM Page, and more than 5,000 friends on our myspace, so we are getting the word around.

Want to hear more mp3s of our acts? check here at our website.



Yup, absolutely nothing to do with me, but this amazing poster is the work of Matt Gillies, who is the bass player in The Dirty Cuts. With the release of Chris Bradley’s single on Monday, ”Bored little Rosie’/’The Man I Love’ which is 17SEC7, this is 17SEC8.

Lovin’ it!

And looking forward to the night in question…

The Dirty Cuts on myspace

Also, many thanks to Dirk for this wonderful post over at Sexy Loser.