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Vacuum Spasm Babies are a couple of scots who describe themselves as being ‘oddballs’ and state that they are ‘like-minded blood-relatives with a love of guerilla recording, shouting and recorders.’ They consist of Malcolm Spasm (who states that he is ‘notoriously unemployable’), who “fiddles with computer innards in his plush apartment on the edges of a rough Edinburgh housing scheme, where he hopes that one day his experiments will lead to the perfect wrong sound” and one Charles S. Bravo who “lives in a hammock in the Scottish Borders. He likes to watch the grass grow until the gin haze becomes too thick, then he writes songs.” This may or may not be true – but it doesn’t matter. It sounds great which is why I have lifted great quotes from their press release and put them in quotation marks. (After all, if you were a musician and stated ‘Oh, I just stay at me mum’s…it’s not going to give much by way of mystique, is it?) Their influences include bands as disparate as Add N To (X) and …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead.

The “Science EP” will be free to all to download at from Monday 5th April. It’s an excellent 4 track EP , which follows the bands debut album Whipping Clowns, which they released last year (which if you want to support them, you can buy at iTunes or on eMusic). Lead track ‘Science Division’ has a rather fab and lo-fi video and my favourite is the synth-pop beauty ‘Chemical Burns’ which they have graciously allowed me to put up a week before its’ release, and is one of my favourite tracks so far this year:

Vacuum Spasm Babies -‘Chemical Burns.’ mp3

Pop along and make friends at their myspace page.

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