Forthcoming from Dirty Cuts


The Dirty Cuts will return with their second single ‘Yummy Mummy’ in July.

If the lyrics of previous single ‘2 Page Spread’ might have seemed slightly risque to those of sensitive bent (‘I want teen sex/I want mean sex/I want magazine glitz, I want super tits) then this is even more so, with its’ tale of the salacious Upper class lady who seduces a young man with her ‘upper class confidence/filthy carnal dominance’ in her 4X4. all together now: ‘She’s classy, she’s sassy/like Jackie Onassis.’

Having been burning the midnight oil last night in Glasgow with Billy and Matt from the band, they have graciously said that I can give this remix of ‘Yummy Mummy’ away for free. Having recorded their demos with Chris ‘Beans’ Geddes from Belle and Sebastian, they continue to work with the cream of the Glasgow indie scene, as this remix is courtesy of the 1990s’ Dino Bardot.

The single (17SEC19) is scheduled for release on July 26. It will be a double A-side with ‘Tricks.’

The Dirty Cuts -‘Yummy Mummy (Dino Bardot remix).’ mp3

The Dirty Cuts play Tigerfest with labelmates Chris Bradley and the Last Battle on May 13.

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