The return of the Melvins


Yay! those loveable hair-brained screamers, the Melvins, who recently celebrated twenty-five years together, are back with their twentieth album, The Bride Screamed Murder. This is the follow-up to 2008’s awesome Nude With Boots.This is out on June 7 (June 1, if you live in North America).

Two tracks are doing the rounds from this album -which, even if you have never heard them, you have probably rightly guessed, do not sound like Lady Gaga or Enya. The album’s opener ‘The Water Glass’ starts off maybe like you’d expect it to, then goes delightfully different about the two minute mark. The other track is the heavier than heaven second track ‘Evil New War God.’ I haven’t heard the whole thing yet, but this bodes very well indeed…check out the tracklisting here

Melvins -‘The Water Glass.’ mp3 (Right click to download)

Melvins -‘Evil New War God.’ mp3
(left click to download)

Make friends with the Melvins at their myspace.

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