(re) Presenting… Call To Mind


I first wrote about Call To Mind back in January 2008, when I stated that I knew next to nothing about them, but I liked what I heard of the highland band. The information on their myspace page was pretty minimal, which meant that the music had to stand on its’ own terms and it certainly does.

Two and a half years have progressed, the band are now mostly based in Glasgow and in March they released their first EP, the five track Call To Mind. I can only apologise for my tardiness in reviewing this EP, or covering it, because it’s phenomenal. Imagine the otherworldliness of Sigur Ros and Joy Division and Mogwai, making a sound that makes you want to cry for joy.

Bizarrely still unsigned, this is a band who deserve to be going (further) places. I cannot see any live dates for Andrew,
Jamie, Martin and Joe, but I hope to see them live before too long.

And this EP definitely merits *****.

Hear the tracks ‘A9’ and ‘All The Happiness In My Head’ from the EP here or go to their Last FM page to hear it all.

Then buy the EP at iTunes or on eMusic. There are physical copies in existence – the band sent me one, bless ’em -but you may have to search around for them.

Finally, do go and make friends at myspace.

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