17 Seconds: The Radio Show


I’ve hinted at it before, but next week I will start four weeks of having my own radio show on Edinburgh’s local student radio statio, Fresh Air.

I was very flattered to be approached by them, to do something during the festival, so I’m going to do the best I possibly can. I will be going out on the airwaves (or whatever you call them when it’s an internet radio station) on Thursday August 5, 12, 19 and 26 between 7 and 8:30 pm (UK time; if you’re wanting to listen to this elsewhere, you’ll need to work out the time difference).

It goes without saying that I will be supporting local acts, and I’ve already worked out what the first track I want to play is (and no, it’s not an act on 17 Seconds Records, past or present!) I’m trying to finalise some live music and hopefully some more guests. I am also hoping to feature some unsigned acts, so if you read this and would like me to consider playing your music, please get in touch via the email on the right. Amongst features I am planning are ‘gone but not forgotten’ (you guessed it -a band or act no longer with us), album of the month (already decided) and quite possibly a cover version related one as well.

And if I can get it sorted, I’ll be updating the blog as I go!

For today, a fine band who are gone, but most definitely not forgotten around here:

Chapterhouse -‘Pearl.’ mp3


The greatest radio DJ ever. FACT.

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