Oh I want the Best Coast album…


Having blogged about Bethany Consantino AKA Best Coast last December, I’m very chuffed to see that her album seems to be getting so much love in the blogosphere and further afield. It may only be August, but you sense ‘end of year poll’ and ‘Best Coast’ may through up a lot in google search at the end of the year.

Now, I have yet to get my mucky paws on a copy of Crazy For You (hell, I’m probably going to be laying my limited credibility on the line by admitting that I don’t have the latest Arcade Fire album yet), but this track is doing the rounds as a legal freebie and will hopefully give you a taste of what she’s all about.

Best Coast -‘Boyfriend.’ mp3

Pure gorgeous, no?

And if you like what you hear, may I suggest visiting here for more best Coast mp3s.

Go and make friends, too…

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