Orange Juice – about bleedin’ time!


I got a long email today from Domino Records, talking about one of their new releases.

The release in question is Coals To Newcastle, an excellent complete covering of Orange Juice’s career from 1979-1984. It’s out on November 7 in the UK, and consists of 6CDs and a DVD.

One man who has done an excellent post on it is my friend Jim over at the Vinyl Villain who has turned a press release into a labour of love (and whose brains Domino have been picking to put this together, properly).

So read what Jim has to say (you should read this blog every day anyway), and whet your appetite with a couple of OJ tracks. It’s been a crying shame that so much of their back catalogue has been unavailable for so long.

Orange Juice -‘Blue Boy.’ mp3

Orange Juice -‘Consolation Prize.’ mp3

Orange Juice -‘Rip It up.’ mp3

Orange Juice will also be my ‘Gone but not forgotten’ band on my radio show on Fresh Air this Thursday. I won’t be playing one of these three tracks but a different one…

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