Getting ready…


…for my last Fresh Air radio show.

It’s been fun, and I’m hoping to make a return to the station come October when they broadcast again.

This week I will have live music from X-Lion Tamer, ‘gone but not forgotten’ is Orange Juice, and there’ll be another cover version of the week. Also a final track from the album of the month by Aberfeldy and my little brother’s going to put in an apperaance as well.

I’ve loved playing a whole host of new(ish) scottish bands and this week will be no exception, including the likes of Ming Ming and the Ching Chings, She’s Hit, and Midas Fall.

White Heath -‘Election Day (Live for 17 Seconds).’ mp3

X-Lion Tamer -‘Starsign (Vic Galloway session).’ mp3

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