Live on Fresh Air!


Live on Fresh Air!

1. She’s Hit ‘Re: Peater.’
2. Album of the month Aberfeldy Somewhere to jump from. Aberfeldy ‘Claire’
3. Miniature Dinosaurs ‘Cold Shoulder.’
4. Meursault ‘Crank Resolutions.’
5. X-Lion Tamer ‘Hope.’
6. Not Squares ‘Release the bees.’
7. Funeral Club ‘Whiskey & Clyde.’
8. Last Battle ‘Soul of the Sea.’ (Live at the Wee Red Bar, July 1, 2010)
9. Gone but not forgotten: Orange Juice ‘Felicity.’
10. For a Minor Reflection ‘Dansi dans.’
11. Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes ‘Home.’
12. Cover version of the week: Felix Kubin ‘Hello.’ (Originally performed by Lionel Richie).
13. Jesus H. Foxx ‘Trying to be good.’
14. Schnapps ‘Cross Dresser.’
15. Entrailicus ‘Urban Sprawl.’
16. Sparrow and the workshop ‘The Gun.’
17. The Cure ‘Inbetween days.’

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