Why is pop a dirty word?


For many years, I felt guilty about liking shiny pop music. Always felt I had to justify it.

But as someone once pointed out, it isn’t about the battle between ‘pop’ and ‘indie’ it’s about the battle between good and bad music. Which is very true.

Because, quite frankly, this is an awesome tune. I took stick for liking Kylie for many years, and pointed out that she did -and continues to do some classic stuff.

…and I’d sooner listen to this than a lot of the run of the mill ‘Oasis changed our lives’ indie bands.

Kylie Minogue -‘Can’t Get You Out Of My Head.’ mp3

…or do some of you still feel the need for this (admittedly great) cover version to feel okay about liking it?!

Flaming Lips -‘Can’t Get you Out Of My Head.’ mp3

Kylie’s latest single ‘For All The Lovers’ is also great, even if I’m not impressed by the album.

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