Soome covers for Friday


I know.

There was a time when there were a LOT more cover versions posts, but as DMCA notices and the like started to kick in, it became harder to post stuff -even with honourable intentions without someone ripping it down (rather than politely emailing you and asking you to take it down as used to be the case).

As was generally my custom, there is no theme, other than that they are cover versions. Enjoy

Christmas Posts 2011 #3


Ah…Flaming Lips. Still one of the most amazing bands I have EVER seen live, though even they struggled slightly with the sterile conditions of Glasgow’s SECC.

No matter. A band who sound awesome on headphones and in concert alike,and there have been quite a few Christmas related songs over the years (nearly thirty years the band has been going now, unbelievable), so here they are for today:

Flaming Lips -‘Christmas At The Zoo.’ mp3

Flaming Lips-‘A Change At Christmas (Say It Isn’t So).’ mp3

Flaming Lips-‘White Christmas (demo for Tom Waits).’ mp3

…and a few Flaming Lips bonuses. You should go and buy as many Flaming Lips albums as you can. Get The Soft Bulletin, Clouds Taste Metallic, Transmissions From The Satellite Heart and Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots at the very least.

Flaming Lips -‘Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen cover).’ mp3

Flaming Lips -‘Can’t Get You Out Of My Head (Kylie Minogue cover).’ mp3

Flaming Lips-‘Life On Mars? (David Bowie cover).’ mp3

Some more covers for Friday


‘I’ll give you Cat Power…’

OK…meant to do this last week, and then with going away decided to focus on my lovely family.

Anyway…some covers, yes?

Franz Ferdinand -‘Womanizer (Britney Spears cover).’ mp3

Cat Power -‘We Dance (Pavement cover).’ mp3Laura Cantrell -‘Love Vigilantes (New Order cover).’ mp3

Buffalo Tom -‘Going Underground (The Jam cover).’ mp3

Curve -‘I Feel Love (Donna Summer cover).’ mp3

Alabama 3 -‘Speed Of the Sound Of Loneliness (Nanci Griffith cover).’ mp3

Lemonheads -‘Different Drum (Mike Nesmith cover).’ mp3

LCD Soundsystem -‘No Love Lost (Joy Division cover).’ mp3

Flaming Lips -‘Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen cover).’ mp3

Cud -‘You Sexy Thing (Hot Chocolate cover).’ mp3

Why is pop a dirty word?


For many years, I felt guilty about liking shiny pop music. Always felt I had to justify it.

But as someone once pointed out, it isn’t about the battle between ‘pop’ and ‘indie’ it’s about the battle between good and bad music. Which is very true.

Because, quite frankly, this is an awesome tune. I took stick for liking Kylie for many years, and pointed out that she did -and continues to do some classic stuff.

…and I’d sooner listen to this than a lot of the run of the mill ‘Oasis changed our lives’ indie bands.

Kylie Minogue -‘Can’t Get You Out Of My Head.’ mp3

…or do some of you still feel the need for this (admittedly great) cover version to feel okay about liking it?!

Flaming Lips -‘Can’t Get you Out Of My Head.’ mp3

Kylie’s latest single ‘For All The Lovers’ is also great, even if I’m not impressed by the album.

Flaming Lips Festivities


Yup, today’s festive treats come from the Pride of Oklahoma City, the Flaming Lips.

This is from the legendary (and I can’t get my hands on) It’s A Cool, Cool, Christmas various artists compilation:

Flaming Lips -‘White Christmas (demo for Tom Waits).’ mp3

From 1995’s Clouds Taste Metallic:

Flaming Lips -‘Christmas At The Zoo.’ mp3

…and from 2003’s Ego Tripping At The Gates Of Hell EP:

Flaming Lips -‘A Change At Christmas (Say It Isn’t So).’ mp3

While driving around edinburgh the other day with scott who works for the label, he reminded me that the Lips had done a Christmas film last year. I have yet to see it – but this is the trailer:

Songs For Christmas IX

(Flaming Lips)

Here is today’s instalment. Just a quick post (though I have already had my Mum on the ‘phone worrying that I’m spending so much time blogging that I can’t be talking to mrs. 17 seconds enough). Don’t worry, I am!

Flaming Lips – ‘A Change At Christmas (Say It Ain’t So).’ mp3

Flaming Lips -‘Christmas At the Zoo.’ mp3

Arcade Fire -‘The Christmas Song.’ mp3

Arcade Fire – ‘Jinglebell Rock.’ mp3

as ever, more to follow tomorrow…