An excellent Robert Smith-related track

Robert Smith - the cure

Even four years into doing the blog (and the attendant label and occasional radio show), i am still asked where the name 17 Seconds came from.

And then as now, I explain, quite simply that it’s The Cure’s second album. They definitely remain my favourite band of all time – and next year will mark twenty years since they became a massive part of my life. I suppose I could have picked another Cure album to name the website after – but given that these include Faith, Pornography and Wish…well, you don’t want someone to have to google those.

This track came to my attention last week, featuring The Cure’s Robert Smith. It’s taken from the Crystal castle’s sophomore effort; and while I’ve not ben terribly taken with what I have heard of theirs in the past, Mr. Smith’s vocals definitely work very well here.

Crystal Castles featuring Robert Smith -‘Not In Love.’ mp3

…and you know, Mr. Smith, a tour north of the border and another album wouldn’t go amiss, either…

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