Getting ready for 2011 part 1: Mogwai


OK, so end of year lists will soon be up, I’m having a whole heap of fun doing Christmas/Winter/snow related posts, but that doesn’t mean I’ve taken my eye off the ball regarding what is happening next year.

Mogwai will release their seventh studio album, entitled Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will in February 2011.

The tracklisting is as follows:

1. White Noise
2. Mexican Grand Prix
3. Rano Pano
4. Death Rays
5. San Pedro
6. Letters to the Metro
7. George Square Thatcher Death Party
8. How to Be a Werewolf
9. Too Raging to Cheers
10. You’re Lionel Richie

Additionally, according to their website, there will also be a Limited Edition version of the album, which includes a bonus CD featuring a 26 minute long piece called ‘The Singing Mountain’ recorded for Douglas Gordon and Olaf Nicolai’s ‘Monument for Forgotten Future’ installation in Essen, Germany.

The first track to be released as a promotional track is ‘Rano Pano’ which can be downloaded here, and it shows that Mogwai have certainly lost NONE of their fiery power…

Mogwai -‘Rano Pano.’ mp3

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