New Last Battle release!


‘Nature’s Glorious Rage’ was the song above all others that convinced me we had to sign The Last Battle to 17 Seconds Records. I went around singing the song for days, until my wife begged me to stop. When I played them to other people the line’we will grow majestic with rage’ was picked up on and praised.

And so here it is – a FREE download, coupled with two excellent new songs, ‘Once Upon A Boxing Day’ and ‘243’; the latter may very well be the best song Scott has written. They didn’t want to release two ‘pay for’ songs from Heart of the land, soul of the sea, so here it is!

Not only that, but the band are out on their first ever tour starting tomorrow, which will call at: Glasgow, Aviemore, Aberdeen, Hull, Leeds and London, before they return to play Kid Canaveral’s Xmas Baubles at the Lot in Edinburgh and the 3rd annual Christmas songwriters at Leith Dockers. The dates and places can be found here on their myspace

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