Christmas posts part 14


Today some songs from Rough Shop who I haven’t featured before.

These first two are taken from last year’s Just Because It Was Christmas album.

Rough Shop -‘Just because It Was Christmas.’ mp3

Rough Shop -‘Big Man Under The Tree.’ mp3

Meanwhile, in their own words: “This year we wanted to offer a bonus MP3. It’s called “Little Wrapped Gift.” It’s sung by Toby Weiss and performed by us, Rough Shop. Fans of the Florida garage rock or the Nuggets anthologies will recognize it as a
revision of the Nightcrawlers’ song “Little Black Egg.” The lyrics were rewritten by Toby Weiss and Matt Benz.”

Rough Shop -‘Little Wrapped Gift.’ mp3

You can order the CD from here

The weather is slowly improving here, hope you’re nice and warm and toasty, wherever you may be…

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