Well Christmas is almost here…


…and now for something completely different.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the Christmas posts, and if I’m still doing 17 Seconds next year, then hopefully I’ll do it again.

But today I want to share something different with you.

I read about this track in the latest issue of The Wire. It was apparently massive in South Africa this summer, and it’s the first thing I’ve heard since compiling my Festive Fifty that’s made me think ‘If I’d heard this then, it would have been in.’ I guess I need to spread my wings and check out more South African House. For What It’s Worth,

Anyway. JR’s ‘Show Dem.’

Fun – but then listen to the original version LOUD

JR -‘Show Dem.’ mp3

Oh, I know next to nothing about this track – but it’s awesome! DJ Mujava ‘Township Funk.’

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