…and a Happy New Year from The Last Battle


As you will doubtless have realised by now (assuming you are a regular visitor to this site), The Last Battle are not a band to let the grass grow below their feet.

Not only did they offer up a fantastic free song for Boxing Day, but they have released a free song for New Year’s Day too.

And you can download it here:

[NB this was available to stream from December 31, and the download should be available from today. If it’s not yet -they’re struggling with hangovers. Probably…]

You can download the Nature’s Glorious Rage EP for free here and their A Wee Red tale Live EP for free here.

Hopefully this will inspire you (if you haven’t already) to go and buy their debut LP Heart Of The Land Soul Of The Sea. If you’ve yet to hear it (tut tut) stream it here

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