Happy New Year!


So…farewell 2010.

2009 was the most unhappy year of my existence. As you may have read between the lines I was off sick, in total for ten months with depression. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, not even those whose behaviour over the years had lead to it.

But fast forward twelve months, I’ve been sorting my head out, and have started a new job that has been a hundred times better. Mrs. 17 Seconds and I are expecting our first child, the cat we adopted has gone from being terrified of its’ own shadow to being very affectionate, and I certainly know who my friends are. And I wouldn’t have got this far without Mrs. 17 Seconds and my wonderful family.

The blog continues into what is now nearly four and a half years. The label has been running for over two and a half, and this year we released four albums, two EPs and four singles. Our most recent release Heart Of the Land Soul Of the Sea by The Last Battle has become the most critically lauded in our (admittedly brief) history. Not only that but I DJed in both Glasgow and Edinburgh, helped promote Tigerfest and presented my own show on Fresh Air. I’ve continued to promote new music on the blog and via the radio show, so whilst I haven’t turned into John Peel yet (ha! in my dreams…) I’ve done my bit.

2011 is now just around the corner. I’m looking forward to discovering a whole heap of new music and rediscovering old stuff too.

This is not a party tune, but being as the album just came out in the UK (December 6, which meant it missed people’s end of year lists) and will be out in the US on January 11, it straddles (oh, very funny) both years.

Bardo Pond -‘Don’t Know About You.’ mp3

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