The return of British Sea Power


British Sea Power will return with their fifth album (including Man Of Aran) next week.

Entitled Valhalla Dancehall, the indicators are that they are on fine form and they have even told NME that they’re finally learning to enjoy themselves. Glad to hear it. Though they’ve never had quite the level of coverage that some of their labelmates (particularly the Strokes and the Libertines) got, they’ve continued to grow.

The fine foliage-botherers have made ‘Who’s In Control’ available to download.

British Sea Power -‘Who’s In control?’ mp3

And if you sign up to the mailing list you can get another free track, too…

and finally, the tracklisting is as follows:

Who’s In Control
We Are Sound
Georgie Ray
Stunde Null
Mongk II
Living Is So Easy
Observe The Skies
Cleaning Out The Rooms
Thin Black Sail
Once More Now
Heavy Water

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