Does there have to be a reason?


…cos this track still sounds thrilling to me.

I don’t think I understood why this was such an improtant record as a ten year old in 1987, I just liked it at face value. I didn’t grasp about the significance of sampling techniques or anything like that…but it was great.

And eventually I owned it on 12″.

It was infinitely better watching the video (my brother and I discussing how much it must have cost -and me explaining that they probably didn’t rent the space suits) than the sight of two men hunched over their turntables on The Roxy and Top Of The Pops.

Actually, dance culture frequently suffered on Top Of the Pops. not that it wasn’t featured – just that regulations meant that certain samples couldn’t be used and what have you.

M/A/R/R/S -‘Pump Up the Volume.’ mp3

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