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Zoey Van Goey -‘Propellor Versus Wings’ (Chemikal Underground)

Scottish-English-Canadian act Zoey Van Goey’s debut album The Cage Was Unlocked All Along was an incredibly sweet and gorgeous album. Their sophomore album sees them continue their fantastic musical journey. As is quite often the case with second albums, it doesn’t quite possess the naive charm of their debut, which made it so endearing.

This is not to write the album off; on the contrary, there’s a lot to recommend here. It does however see them expand their musical palette beyond the parameters of their earlier release. First single ‘The Cake And Eating It’ nods to post-punk guitar freakouts and ‘Escape maps’ features some military drumming. There’s also a continuing of their wonderful humour, in this case the brilliantly titled ‘You Told The Drunks I Knew Karate.’ In this song our heroes are chased right the way across Glasgow from the Great Western Road to the East End by a gang of drunks. Rather like ‘Two White Ghosts’ on their debut, it’s irreleveant whether it’s actually true or not; it is, however, utterly believable and the highlight of the album.

An earlier description (not by me) of Zoey Van Goey described the band as being ‘like the Postal Service with a sense of humour.’ Yes, there’s a sense of humour -and I think they fit in well with what is still perceived as the Glasgow sound (Belle & Sebastian, Camera Obscura etc.. rather than the rockier acts). However, they are finding their own voice and I look forward to seeing where their journey continues to.

Propellor Versus Wings is out now on download Chemikal Underground and released physically on February 28.


Zoey Van Goey -‘Extremeties.’ mp3

Zoey Van Goey play the following live dates:

Saturday 19th February: Zanzibar Club, Liverpool
Sunday 20th February: The Slaughtered Lamb, London
Monday 21st February: Gaslight Club, Leeds
Saturday 5th March: Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh

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