Album Review – TD Lind


TD Lind -‘The Outskirts Of Prosper.’ (Dramatico)

There’s a curiously old-fashioned approach to parts of this album. Whilst many of the singer-songwriters doing the rounds seem to be heavily indebted to the singer-songwriters of the early 1970s (James Taylor etc..) there’s aspects to this album by the UK-born, US-based singer which have far older aspects.

There’s a jazzy inflexion to album opener ‘Pushover Boy Blues‘, while ‘Last Train To Redemption’ has a rockabilly feel. The standout track here is ‘Goodnight From Hollywood’ which is definitely worth hearing, and stands as a bit of an anthem for those trying to make it in LA.

However, while the rest of the album is pleasant, heartfelt and perfectly adequate, there isn’t much on display here after several listens) to truly set him apart from so many of his peers. the songwriting is strong, however, and I wonder if the songs might have benefited from being more stripped down.


The Outskirts Of Prosper is out now on Dramatico.

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