Album Review – She’s Hit


What…another Scots band releasing a debut? Yes, but listen closely, you’ll be glad you did…

The two singles released so far from this album ‘Re:Peater’ and ‘Shimmer Shimmer’ give an excellent insight into what She’s Hit are all about. They take a love of sixties surf and garage, Suicide, Cramps and Jesus and Mary Chain, and mix it up into something wonderfully intense and intoxicating in the best possible way. The end result is very cool indeed. Yes, those two tracks are amongst the highlights, but so too are ‘Lustless’ and ‘Part One; both of which feature the haunting vocals of Jen Paley of Glasgow’s Astral Planes.

Doubtless, much will be made of famous friends and other well-known contributors to the album (not least Sons & Daughters’ Scott Paterson) and the Scottish scene’s players who have remixed tracks on the bonus disc. Whatever. That’s not what’s the really important thing. What is important is that this is a kick-arse record and you need to make sure you hear it.

It’s been worth waiting for.


Pleasure is released on June 6 on Re:Peater Records.

RE:PEATER by She’s Hit

Shimmer Shimmer by She’s Hit

Part One by She’s Hit

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