Album Review – She’s Hit


What…another Scots band releasing a debut? Yes, but listen closely, you’ll be glad you did…

The two singles released so far from this album ‘Re:Peater’ and ‘Shimmer Shimmer’ give an excellent insight into what She’s Hit are all about. They take a love of sixties surf and garage, Suicide, Cramps and Jesus and Mary Chain, and mix it up into something wonderfully intense and intoxicating in the best possible way. The end result is very cool indeed. Yes, those two tracks are amongst the highlights, but so too are ‘Lustless’ and ‘Part One; both of which feature the haunting vocals of Jen Paley of Glasgow’s Astral Planes.

Doubtless, much will be made of famous friends and other well-known contributors to the album (not least Sons & Daughters’ Scott Paterson) and the Scottish scene’s players who have remixed tracks on the bonus disc. Whatever. That’s not what’s the really important thing. What is important is that this is a kick-arse record and you need to make sure you hear it.

It’s been worth waiting for.


Pleasure is released on June 6 on Re:Peater Records.

RE:PEATER by She’s Hit

Shimmer Shimmer by She’s Hit

Part One by She’s Hit

She’s Hit – a contender for Scottish album of the year?


Some bands are just so painfully bloody cool it hurts.

There will be those who sneer at She’s Hit: ‘I own all those albums by the Fall, Pere Ubu, Suicide, the Jesus and Mary Chain and The Cramps, too!’

To which I reply: ‘But if you haven’t found a way of taking your record collection, running with it and creating something that sounds fresh and as vital as they do…SHUT.UP.’

She’s Hit are painfully cool for so many reasons.

1. They have promotional pictures of them as a five piece and describe themselves as a fourpiece.

2. One of them, the ‘fifth’ member is one Scott Paterson, who’s also the lead singer of Sons & Daughters. Talk about having your cake and eating it.

3. Their band name shares its’ name with a song by the Birthday Party.

4. They run their own label called Re:Peater Records.

5. Their first release, also called ‘Re:Peater’ was a split single, which is one of the best old-school indie things you can do. It was a split with Jacob Yates and The Pearly Gates, who were formed out of the ashes of the much-missed Uncle John & Whitelock. This made it to no.6 in that barometer of cool, the annual 17 seconds Festive Fifty at no.6 *knowing ironic wink*

6. They’re friends with many of the great and the good on the Glasgow scene. As well as the aforementioned, Their song ‘Part One’ features vocals from Jen Paley of Astral Planes. Not only that but the second disc on the album is remixes of all tracks on the (first disc of the) album, including contributions from The Unwinding Hours and The Errors. 7. They’ll also be playing a show with Kid Congo Powers who was in both The Cramps and Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds.

7. They sound great.

The next single is called Shimmer Shimmer ‘ and it’s due out on May 23.

Shimmer Shimmer by She’s Hit

Their album is entitled Pleasure and is released on June 6. Thanks to their lovely PR person I have a copy and it’s awesome!

The tracklisting is as follows:

‘Shimmer Shimmer’
‘Young Love Dead’
‘Part One’
‘Miriam Hollow’
‘Stare At The Sun’ *NB Don’t try this at home
‘Forfeit to despair’

You can stream a further three tracks from said album right here:

RE:PEATER by She’s Hit

Part One by She’s Hit

Pleasure by She’s Hit

Presenting…She’s Hit


It’s a little odd not to be doing a radio show when it’s Thursday night.

Still, the band that I started my show with last week are She’s Hit, who hail from Glasgow.

Including Scott Paterson of Sons & Daughters on bass, the band also features Div Wilson, Cammy Wilson, Mike Hanson and
Philip McLellan.

They’re running their own label, Re:peater Records, and this will form the debut release on October 18, a split single with Jacob Yates and the Pearly Gate Lock Pickers (led by the lead singer of the much-missed Uncle John and Whitelock).

It won’t surprise you that this band have been compared to the likes of Suicide, the Birthday Party and the Jesus and Mary Chain. On this evidence (and that of their myspace) they really ARE that good.

Turn it up. This is a five star single, up there with the best releases this year.