Album Review – Jacob Yates and the Pearly Gate Lock Pickers


Jacob Yates and the Pearly Gate Lock Pickers -‘Luck.’ (Re: Peater)

A mere two weeks or so after label mates (and, indeed, label masters) She’s Hit release their debut,Pleasure, comes the very welcome release of Luck. It’s a sign that this label are really, really going to be big players on the Scottish Independent scene -and further afield.

Jacob Yates – just in case you haven’t been paying attention – is Jacob Lovatt, formerly of Glasgow’s legendary cult act Uncle John & Whitelock. Though they called it a day after just one album, I consider myself lucky to have caught them live once or twice, halfway through the last decade. In the last year JY&TPGLPs have released two fine split singles with She’s Hit, and their own ‘When You Left Me’/’You Started At the Bottom.’

The band’s sound is indebted to (but not wholely derived from) Tom Waits and Nick Cave in their fiercer moments (think Mule Variations and Tender Prey, respectively). They have their own take on the sound, in which the southern American swamps mix with Northern States’ garages with the rough and ready world of Glasgow’s Maryhill.

There’s no question that you can tell what records the band has been listening to. But it’s the sheer jolts and nerve of this ride which make it such a joy. It’s dark -oh so dark -but just as thrilling. there’s many (myslef included) who feel that Uncle John & Whitelock should have had more recognition. Here’s hoping that this time Mr. Lovatt gets his due.


Luck is released on June 20 on Re:Peater Records

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