Presenting…Sargasso Trio


Despite the name, Norwich’s Sargasso Trio are, in fact, a quartet. However, they did start off as a trio.

Hailing from Norwich, they are Ben Winn, Pete Murdoch, Emily Siddall and James Leeds. It’s the arrival of the latter that’s made them a quartet. According to the press release, the band members original found each other playing in a Samba band in deepest Norfolk. This might sound like something quirky that’s been made up….until you listen to their music and realise that this is actually the case. There’s something really rather wonderful and fresh about their sound that grabs you from the moment you hear it.

Next week will see the release of their sophomore album Get To Grips. Both this and their debut album Burnin’ Burnin’ Burnin’ can be streamed over at Soundcloud.

For now, enjoy the excellent single ‘Dinner’ with its’ really rather good video…

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