Album review – Dropkick


Dropkick -‘Time Cuts The Ties.’ (Sound Asleeep Records)

If you are looking for radical musical innovation, then you have come to the wrong place. On the other hand, if you are looking for a comforting, warm collection of nicely crafted songs…step inside. Do. It’s a really cosy place.

This is a very enjoyable album. The band are clearly – but not uncomfortably – in thrall to the sound of the West Coast of America of the 1970s, and there are also echoes of fellow scots Cosmic Rough Riders and latter day (Grand Prix onwards) Teenage Fanclub. There are a number of great tracks on here – my personal favourites include the oepning trip of ‘Let Down Again’ Bad Line’ and Everything Changes’ and ‘Hold On.’

Given that the singer-songwriter world can be overcrowded in this day and age, there’s something reassuring about the way Dropkick quietly go about what they do. Maybe it is similar to stuff you have heard before – but once you’ve heard it, you’ll probably want to hear it again.


Time Cuts The Ties is out now on Sound Sleep Records.

Listen to the whole album at Last FM

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