The West Country of England has given us some awesome music over the years: Electronic wonder courtesy of Aphex Twin; the three-pronged attack of Trip-Hop’s Massive Attack, Portishead and Tricky; Muse’s mystical madness and the goddess that is PJ Harvey (Reef are best forgotten about).

Now, straight outta Shaftesbury, Dorset, come Achilles.

An instrumental act, this track ‘Worried Sick’ is their first release, following on from what appear to have been legendary live performances.

Comparisons have been made with the likes of Jagga Jazzist and Battles; there’s definitely a post-rock thing going on here.

I can’t find out much more about the band from their bandcamp, website or even the record company’s website, so, hell, I’ll just let the music speak for itself.

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