Belle and Sebastian Vs. Cold Cave…and Richard X


Next week* will see the release of a 12″ single from Belle and Sebastian, entitled ‘Come On Sister’ which is not getting a digital release.

Its tracklisting is as follows:
Come On Sister (Tony Doogan mix)
I Didn’t See It Coming (Richard X mix)
I Didn’t See It Coming (Cold Cave remix)
Blue Eyes of a Millionaire

Cold Cave’s remix of ‘I didn’t see it coming’ can be downloaded via Stereogum below.

Belle and Sebastian -‘I Didn’t See It Coming.’ mp3 (via Stereogum)

There’s also two videos available:

This first one, for ‘Come On Sister’ reminds me of the one for ‘I’m A Cuckoo’ (in a good way)

This animated video for ‘I Didn’t See It Coming’ (with the Richard X remix) is awesome, too:

* I should clarify: it’s out on Rough Trade on July 18 in the UK, and July 26 on Matador in the US.

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