Presenting…My Tiny Robots


My Tiny Robots are a band I have been aware of for a while, but my ears have seriously pricked up (er, so to speak) with the arrival of an mp3 in my inbox.

The Edinburgh-based band have so far issued two EPs: Some of My Best Ideas’ and ‘Rock Bossa Nova Four Beat Black’ the latter from where the free mp3 comes from. Starting in October they will be releasing a series of three singles and this is a precursor to that.

What I love about MTR is the way that they show ‘anthemic indie’ and ‘experimental’ need not be mutually exclusive bedfellows.

This track is awesome; joining not just my ‘best of scottish playlist’ but also my ‘best of 2011 playlist.’ Give this a listen; you will want to hear more.

My Tiny Robots – Rock Bossa Nova Fourbeat Black by Soundandvisionpr

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