17 Seconds’ Records update – The Wildhouse


Two bits of Wildhouse news to share with you:

First of all, the Wildhouse will be playing at The Balcony Bar in Dundee on September 10 (yes, that’s a week today), supported by Vladimir (recently featured on these pages) and Cosmic Dead.

You might like to know that it’s only £1.99 to get in…

…and in other news: great excitement at 17 Seconds Towers the other day, when the latest album by The Wildhouse arrived here.

It will be released on November 14, and it’s called Solanis.

The tracklisting is as follows:

Paint The Whole Day Red
Snow Angels
Song For Shiva The Destroyer
Plague Diary
Racism versus The Wildhouse
Palace of Swords
Close Up the Dictionaries
Silver Comet Jr.

Our most recent release by The Wildhouse was the Good Morning, Captain EP, from which ‘Palatine’ is taken:

Wildhouse -‘Palatine.’mp3

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