The thing about writing a blog is that after a while you get a helluva lot of submissions. Some fairly brief, some who get irate that you haven’t replied immediately to them, some providing godawful music and some that make bold claims.

This evening I found one in my inbox that said ‘the new Morrissey?’ Such a bold claim from any PR that I hurriedly opened it ready to go ‘hah!’ Well, maybe not the new Morrissey…but definitely a star in the making is one Matthew Kites.

Kites are Matthew Kites (Vocals/Guitar), Richard Kites (Mechanics), Jack Kites (Percussion), and Jasper Kites (Guitar)*. Rooted in synthpop, with debts to both Morrissey and New Order. There’s also a fair bit of The Killers circa Hot Fuss (which I still think was them at their best. Then again I prefer KoL around Youth and Young Manhood, so draw what conclusions you will).

Their first official single is called ‘Brother’ and it’s awesome. I can’t provide it here (when a Souncloud link says Private it’s probably best to obey). But the b-side is called ‘Art Tastes Better Blind’ and it’s one of a number of tracks you can stream below.

Have a listen. Let me know what you think. The interest is clearly building and on this evidence it’s entirely deserved.

KITES – EP – KIT0003 by Kites

KITES – EP – KIT0001 by Kites

*sorry if this shatters any illusions but a bit of digging reveals that their real names are: Richard Baldwin, Jasper Perkins, Jack Newton, and Matthew Phillips.

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