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Dum Dum Girls -‘Only In Dreams’ (Sub Pop)

Most musical genres are seen as having a heyday that future revivals hark back to. Generally speaking, it’s often held that only the 2-tone movement of the late seventies really improved upon the movement that it was based upon. Yet I think the revival of interest in Indie-pop/c86 (call it what you will; just so long as you distinguish it from indie being short-hand for anything involving guitars) runs close. It’s often typified as being a mid-eighties concern because of the c86 cassette, though there were forerunners in bands like Orange Juice and Monochrome Set. And every so often it flickers into the overground again.

That’s part of the reason that people have -quite rightly -honed in on the Dum Dum Girls -along with acts like The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, Best Coast and Girls. But scene or no scene, there’s a certian charm here that I like to think would have got song and band noticed whatever. It’s clear from the opening ‘Always Looking’ that this is a much more polished affair than its’ predecessor I Will Be – strange to think that was only eighteen months ago.

There’s probably not much here that’s going to draw in those not normally drawn to this style of music, though it’s worth noting that they are not ‘twee’ like some in the genre. Tracks like the aforementioned ‘Always Looking’ and ‘Bedroom Eyes’ and the album’s standout track ‘Coming Down’ ensure that this is an album worth hearing.

Overall, it’s a solid collection of tunes, and a heap of fun into the bargain. Whether there will be those who drop away not that they sound more polished only time will tell. But there’s so many worse ways of spending your listening time than pricking up your ears this way.

Only In Dreams is out now on Sub Pop.

Dum Dum Girls -‘Bedroom Eyes.’ mp3

Dum Dum Girls -‘Coming Down.’ mp3

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