Presenting…Sonny Marvello


Sonny Marvello are Stephen (vocals, above), Mick (guitar), Craig (bass), Walker (keys) and Bryans (drums). It would appear that they do not do surnames. But what they do do is make curious quirky videos for their rather stirring songs.

Take this video for ‘Tiny Little Sparks.’ Looking like it was mostly filmed in an Edinburgh graveyard, it’s like one of my nightmares – yet utterly compelling watching.

The video for ‘Fire Went Out’ is more performance based – but the song is a lovely one:

Both of these are taken from the Tiny Little Sparks EP will be released by Ignite Records on October 3.

I think their name sounds like a minor character in the Harry Potter series…

They are also involved in this event of a gig up in Loch Lomond very shortly…


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